1 November 2019

Architect Kengo Kuma to design a state-of-the-art luxury residency together with the Chartered Group adjacent to its Aman Kyoto Resort
- Luxury Residency to Open in 2022 –

With the official opening of the Aman Kyoto, the owners are announcing the development of the Kyoto Residency which is slated to open in 2022. The new Kyoto luxury residency project aims to set new standards in branded residencies. The Chartered Group (Headquarters: Singapore, Chairman: Eyal Agmoni), a private equity which invests, among other things, into hospitality projects via its Japanese arm, Wellspring Investments Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters Tokyo, President: Yoshihiro Watanabe), worked with acclaimed architect Kerry Hill to build the Aman Kyoto, is partnering with architect Kengo Kuma to start the development of a luxury residency rich in nature, history and culture, where one can see Kyoto’s majestic mountains Takagamine and Washigamine.

The Aman Kyoto is built on the grounds of the ‘Secret Garden’ one of Kyoto’s most kept secret sites which backs onto another famous landmark Kinkaku-ji temple.

This collaboration with the late Kerry Hill on the Aman Kyoto is what drew Kengo Kuma to work with the Chartered Group. “Kerry Hill was my friend and I respect his architecture. That’s why I was honored to be a part of this project that he was involved in”. Kuma has a deep belief in the preservation of nature and the work his fellow architect Kerry Hill did on Aman Kyoto, which had left a deep impression on him. Aman Kyoto is built on the grounds of the ‘Secret Garden’ one of Kyoto’s most kept secret sites which backs onto another famous landmark Kinkaku-ji temple. Kerry was able to draw out the beauty of the garden and leave it virtually untouched, incorporating the hotel onto the grounds with such minimal intrusion that it only emphasizes the historic garden’s mystics. Kuma further says “Kyoto is so special to me and there is something no other city in Japan has. I think the link between the nature and time is something very precious about Kyoto. Particularly, the location is remarkably beautiful and having Kinkaku-ji temple close makes me feel the power of time”.

With the new luxury residency development project by Chartered Group, Kengo Kuma aims to design a unique balance architecture that is modern but still preserves Kyoto. “The location is very attractive to me. There are rivers and valleys near the site, tranquility between two mountains and still we can see the city of Kyoto in the distance. I feel the value as there is not such a kind of property in Kyoto”.

The respect for nature and historical preservation is what Kengo Kuma says makes Kyoto such a great city. There must be a delicate balance as state-of-the-art luxurious living spaces, with the respect for the environment and culture around it, which is what Chartered Group Chairman Eyal Agmoni wanted to achieve as well. “We love Kyoto for what it is – a place with deep tradition, a heritage and spiritual city, visitors strolling around its old streets recognizing its historical and cultural values”. On working with Kengo Kuma, Eyal Agmoni gave high praise. “Of course we were very familiar with Kengo’s work and the profound respect for nature and historical significance of Kyoto. There were so many similarities in his vision with what we wanted to achieve. With Kengo on board, we will be able to fuse the luxury residency of Kengo with the unique design of Aman Kyoto.”

About Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma is a globally-acclaimed Japanese architect with offices in Tokyo, China, and Paris, known for his harmonious designs which emphasize natural materials and lightings.

About Chartered Group

Chartered Group is a private equity with global operations in five countries ( Japan, Singapore, Germany, Thailand and Luxembourg ). The Chairman of Chartered Group is Eyal Agmoni, who, among other positions, sits on the International Advisory Board Member of Tel Aviv University.

Investments consist of five major business interests: Investment Banking, Private Credit, Real Estate, Hospitality and Technology. With approximately 30 years of investment experience engaging in various businesses, Chartered Group just announced the opening of Aman Kyoto, one of its recent projects on November 1st, 2019. In Japan, Chartered Group is currently developing Aman Niseko in Hokkaido in addition to other hotels. Chartered Group has also focused on investments in Israeli start-ups for a number of years and is engaged in becoming a bridge between Israeli start-ups and Japanese corporations.