Chartered Group

The Chartered Group is a private equity with an eye for opportunity investment, distressed assets acquisitions as well as ventures with disruptive technologies. We focus our business in Europe and Asia with more than 350 employees in 5 locations around the globe. Chartered’s diverse employees are committed to helping both accredited and institutional investors to build their financial futures through a variety of tailored investments with periodical changing strategies.

Our Current Four Segments Of Interest


The Securities business segment provide a comprehensive range of innovative products and solutions to meet clients and partners’ financial needs, from portfolio management to investment advisory. With our extensive global reach and market insights, we have the ability to provide clients with in-depth research on key global securities markets, and solutions to their specific needs. Under the securities pillar we positioned ourselves globally to answer variety of financials plans and needs wherever our clients are.

Credit Lending

The Capital Division provides customers with innovative financial solutions, from personal loans to credit facilities to help meet the liquidity challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Chartered Hospitality is the property arm of the Chartered Group. Its key business activities are hotel operations, property development and property investment. As a premiere regional real estate developer, Chartered Hospitality is diversified in Asia with Japan as its core market and Thailand as its growth market.


Chartered Technology invests in international companies that develop innovative, disruptive technologies in every field, including biomedical, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. We support these technologies by launching a special investment fund: “Japan Israel High Tech Ventures 1” (JIHTV1)